Comm-PAC Steering Committee

About Comm-PAC

Since 2000, Comm-PAC has been a local, bi-partisan, political action committee whose members are intent on making their home in the greater Kalamazoo region a better place to live and work. The organization was formed as a way to compliment the economic development efforts in the area.

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Project Involvement

Comm-PAC has had a hand in some of the largest projects furthering the greater Kalamazoo area since 2000. Some of these major projects include:

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Our Leaders

Comm-PAC supports politicians at every level who want to make public policy decisions that create jobs and promote growth.

Comm-PAC has encouraged many area leaders including:

“We started Comm-PAC in an effort to support economic growth in the Kalamazoo area. Our goal is to improve statewide legislative relationships and identify and support local leaders for success in Lansing.”
– Craig DeNooyer,
President, 633 Group