Comm-PAC Steering CommitteeSince 2000, Comm-PAC has been a local, bi-partisan, political action committee whose members are intent on bringing about change and making the greater Kalamazoo region a better place to live and work. The organization was formed as a way to compliment the economic development efforts in the area and come alongside transformative projects.

Our Steering Committee volunteers believe that government has an important role to play in creating an environment where companies can grow and prosper.

Membership in Comm-PAC helps raise our region’s political profile and sustain the great work we have accomplished to date. Comm-PAC members receive updates on public policy issues and invitations to events where they can discuss the economic impact of public policy with political leaders.

To support Comm-PAC’s goals, become a member today!

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“Comm-PAC helps to capture the important drivers and themes that dominate our broader community’s vision and communicates them to our Lansing policy makers in a non-partisan format. The unique and special needs of our citizens, businesses, and educational institutions are in the forefront of Comm-PAC’s mission.”

– Marilyn Schlack
Former President, KVCC