Frequently Asked Questions

What does Comm-PAC do?

Comm-PAC is a bi-partisan, political action committee that is concerned with bringing about positive change to the greater Kalamazoo region by financially supporting projects and political leaders that will promote growth in the community.

Why was Comm-PAC formed?

Comm-PAC was formed to compliment the economic development efforts in the area and come alongside transformative projects, as well as to allow business owners and citizens to build relationships with candidates so that they can increase their understanding of the political process and become better informed on issues.

Who is eligible to participate?

Comm-PAC is open to anyone who has the desire to make greater Kalamazoo a better place to live and work.

How much can I contribute each year?

Comm-PAC has four levels of membership: Sustaining members pay $500/year, Visionary members pay $1,000/year, Pacesetter members pay $2,000/year, and Ambassador members pay $5,000/year or more. Membership dues can be paid with personal or LLC checks only.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Contributions can be made to Comm-PAC; however, they are not deductible as charitable contributions due to federal income tax purposes.

How are funds distributed/used?

Member dollars allow Comm-PAC to raise their region’s political profile, as well as contribute to community projects like Western Michigan University’s Sangren Hall or Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Bronson Healthy Living Campus. Dues also allow for meetings and receptions where our members can engage political leaders and discuss public policy.

Who manages Comm-PAC?

Comm-PAC is run by a Steering Committee that consists of local business people and entrepreneurs from within the greater Kalamazoo region.

Why Join Comm-PAC?

“Being a member gives me the opportunity to be involved in the political process. It ensures that those making important policy decisions affecting the Kalamazoo region and the state of Michigan are fully informed and Comm-PAC allows its members to speak with one voice. I’m making a difference and feel positive in knowing that I’m part of a group that cares about our community and keeps political leaders focused on our area’s well-being.”

– Dee Velkoff
Steering Committee Member

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