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“Southwest Michigan is stronger and more economically vibrant because of Comm-PAC’s influential advocacy for our region. Comm-PAC’s leadership and members are effective because they engage in the policy-making and political process. I appreciate their thoughtful, solutions-based discussions as we work together to build an even brighter future for Southwest Michigan.”

– Aric Nesbitt
State Senator

“As an elected leader, you rely on community leaders to share concerns and solutions, problems and opportunities. Comm-PAC brings together a diverse group of leaders who represent the heart and mind of our county. If you care about the future of our community and state, Comm-PAC is a group of dedicated individuals working to ensure a positive future for generations to come.”

– Margaret O’Brien
Former State Senator

“Comm-PAC plays a critical role in communicating economic issues voiced in the Southwest Michigan area to the Legislature and the Governor’s office. They effectively coordinate their policy initiatives with the right people, thus creating results-based advocacy.”

– Tonya Schuitmaker
Former State Senator

“There are two reasons I remain an active supporter of Comm-PAC. First, there is a proven history of success in both the election of strong political leadership for the region and the passing of economic development initiatives that have benefited our communities. Second, these successes do not happen on their own, requiring the support–financial and otherwise–of those who are strongly committed to the success of our region.”

– Ken Miller
CEO, Millennium Restaurant Group

“Comm-PAC helps to capture the important drivers and themes that dominate our broader community’s vision and communicates them to our Lansing policy makers in a non-partisan format.  The unique and special needs of our citizens, businesses, and educational institutions are in the forefront of Comm-PAC’s mission.”

– Marilyn Schlack
Former President, KVCC

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